Since its inception, the vision of the Faculty of Education Science of Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) is to offer comprehensive, quality and affordable undergraduate and graduate programs on different streams of education discipline. It further aims to develop and nurture individuals who can integrate their learning with the real life, perform their social and ethical responsibility and contribute to the socioeconomic development of Bangladesh.

This faculty will continue to upgrade content, integrate innovation and evaluate its programs. In order to ensure excellence, responsibilities will be shared between the qualified faculty members and administrative staffs by upholding the mission and vision of NSTU. Therefore all departments and degree programs under Faculty of Education Sciences will share the following common goals:

  • To ensure excellence in teaching learning endeavors by the faculty members and the students.
  • To develop the capacity of self directed learning among the students in order to acquire  knowledge and skill in a specific discipline.
  • To equip students with critical thinking, analytical communication and collaboration skills as a global citizen
  • To enable students to identify own potential and of opt for further specialization to contribute in job market both nationally and globally.
  • To utilize student’s knowledge to improve upon the functioning of the communities, society and country.
  • To enhance student personal aspiration to continue life-long learning.
  • To improve a student’s level of confidence and self-esteem through the accomplishment of long-term academic goals.

To develop the capacity of the faculty members to respond with the emerging academic and research needs in juxtaposition with the global development goals.

Overview of “Department of Education”

The department of Education at NSTU was established in 2017.  The first course was offered in 2017. The graduates of this department will be awarded Bachelor of Education degree after their completion of four years of studies.

Now-a-days, there is an increasing interest among students to explore the discipline of educational studies. Therefore, this department aims to create a successful program which will prepare graduates with the knowledge, skills and competences to work for the society and the country.

The qualified faculty and staff of this department are committed to keep pace with the needs of this ever changing world by recognizing diversity, ensuring excellence and social responsibility for the greater accomplishment of the goals of NSTU. In addition, for future collaboration, this department has established a good network with faculties of other universities, educational specialists and other salient stakeholders of education sector of Bangladesh.

In order to contribute to the fourth goal of sustainable development by 2030 the Department of Education will make effort to lead relevant research and training activities along with reinforcing excellence in ongoing teaching learning practice.

This mission and vision of this department is to offer a comprehensive undergraduate program particularly focusing the discipline of Education; that is effective to both personal and professional development of the students.

In order to achieve this vision, the department will initiate accessibility of the students to experiences that facilitate academic achievement within course activities and the successful completion of thesis/project. The coursework of the undergraduate and graduate programs will be always a mixture of theoretical and practical content. Furthermore, the students will receive national and international exposure through different extra-curricular activities, exchange programs, conference participation, co-authorship and presentation, and seminar leadership.


As valuable members of NSTU family, the Department of Education shares  a responsibility to create and support effective learning environment for the students. We further want to initiate a platform of constructive dialogue, active listening with trust and respect to each other. We should always remember that along with our responsibility to sustain excellence in teaching and research, we have far to go in terms of contributing to the greater welfare of the society.

As faculty member with proven teaching and research qualification, who prepare educators and leaders for different settings, and who promote certain values; we have to ensure that our work matters and this will lead us to the best outcome in the near future. Additionally the faculty members are expected to demonstrate an understanding of individual differences; and dedicate their efforts to the education and welfare of all students.

Therefore, The central focus will always be to create harmony among student’s need, teaching learning activities and the development of society. While working in this department, all the faculty members and staffs commit to the following values:  integrity, leadership, excellence, social & ethical responsibility and collaboration. I humbly request to ensure these values  which will always directs all our academic and administrative activities as a department. 

Humble gratitude and appreciation to you all,

Biplob Mallick


Department of Education

Faculty of Educational Sciences

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Serial No Name Designation Academic Qualifications Contact Address Photograph CV
Professor Dr. M. Wahiduzzaman Dean N/A


e-mail:mdwahid@yahoo.com, vc.nstu@nstu.edu.bd 

2 Biplob Mallick Associate Professor N/A



Nowreen Yasmin Assistant Professor N/A



4 Md. Owaliur  Rahman Akanda Lecturer

Master of Education , Major – Educational Administration

Bachelor of Education( Honors)  Major- Science, Mathematics and Technology in Education




5 Fatema Begum Popy Lecturer

Master of Education- Major in Special Education.

Bachelor of Education (4 years Honours)- Major in Special Education;




Contact Information:

Central Library Building (2nd Floor)

Department of Education

Faculty of Education Sciences, NSTU