The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management was established under the Faculty of Business Studies in September 2017. As a part of the largest and fastest growing sector of the global economy there is a need for more highly qualified and trained personnel in tourism and hospitality industries. In recognition to this, Faculty of Business Studies, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) was contemplating to set up a department to offer degrees in this field. The main objective of the department is to provide professional knowledge and skills in tourism & hospitality sector with a view to enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative manpower in business organizations to face the emerging challenges in the competitive world of the new millennium.

Tourism is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. Tourism industry creates 1 out of every 10 jobs in the world. Tourism industry currently creates almost 1.1 million jobs in Bangladesh. The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) is trying to shape up workforce capable of critical thinking and adapting with diversities. Several international hotel chains have taken up plans to expand their business in Bangladesh to cater for the growing need for luxury accommodation in Dhaka and other popular locations across the country. Currently eight world class five star hotels operate in Bangladesh but 15 more 5-star hotels will be set up in Bangladesh over the next three years to help the hospitality sector get along with the development thrust as the country pushes on plans to become a middle-income economy by 2021. This new hotel will create thousands of new skilled employment opportunity within in next few years.

Currently The Department is offering four-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree in THM. The department offers an enjoyable teaching-learning environment, which has been made possible by the existence of some unique physical and related facilities.

As an acting chairman, I would like to welcome you to the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, NSTU.

At present the department offers BBA and MBA programs in Tourism and Hospitality Management. These programs provide deep understanding in the relevant discipline from the perspective of information technology, business and professional interdisciplinary courses. Students are also provided with internship opportunities in hotel management, food services, restaurant management, conventions management, event management and other related areas.

Employability being central to our programs has required us to lay emphasis on appropriate practical and experiential lessons. For which the department is struggling to establish training restaurant in the Department. The basic aim is to provide state-of-the-art food service management facilities and to provide students with practical exposure in terms of culinary and other services.

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Md. Masum Mia


 Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

 Noakhali Science and Technology University.


The department will draw on its own and NSTU’s rich traditions and values and will build on the mission of the department : Through a blend of curricular, experiential, and research programs delivered within a student-centric culture, Noakhali Science and Technology University prepares its students for successful careers in both national and global society.

The Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management is dedicated to impart quality higher education & training in the field of hospitality management, to prepare nationally as well as globally competitive managers & professionals for both national and international hospitality industry. The hospitality industry, as any other industry, faces evolutionary changes that affect every aspect of its operations.  In the Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management, we strive to respond to these changes by continuously updating our curriculum to ensure our graduates are well-prepared to lead a technology-mediated, global industry.

Some of the core missions are:

  • To plan a progressive education training scheme and to impart, through training both practical and theoretical knowledge of every phase of Hotel, Catering and Institutional Management.
  • To set a high standard of knowledge and practice so that the status of the Industry may be raised and catering popularized by offering attractive and progressive careers.
  • To develop a scientific attitude to management techniques and skills.
  • To train craftsmen for the Hotel & Catering Industry with a view to develop high standards of skills and to raise crafts to levels of technology.
  • To inculcate habits of courtesy, discipline and hard work in the trainees and pride in the efficient accomplishment of tasks entrusted to them.


Tourism and Hospitality Management Department has been brought into existence by the university since 2017. The hospitality programme spans over a duration of 4 years. The courses provide hands on experience imparting training in both practical and theoretical aspects of the Hotel Catering and Institutional Management. Competent faculties are conducting various courses very proficiently. This department is planning to give student’s extensive training of their practical courses. So we plan to establish housekeeping and food production lab that is well equipped Kitchens and also plan for a Cafeteria.

Some of the most important issues of THM working for:

  • To be a leader in development of professionals in the field of hospitality management.
  • To train and educate, at all levels, persons of outstanding abilities who can become future leaders for the hospitality industry.
  • To work closely and proactively with the industry to address the need of the highly skilled manpower.

Identification and development of critical managerial qualities is the primary focus of faculty members. Innovative teaching methods are adopted in order to clarify concepts and hypotheses. Conventional class room lectures form the bedrock on which case studies, assignments, group projects, seminars, debates, elocution, role playing, and psycho-analysis help in further development of the student. Field work and guest lectures are applied to give critical practical orientation. The idea behind the whole academic exercise is not to make students exam oriented but business inclined. The ability to ask questions and challenge the established norms can only come through such an endeavor.

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1 Md. Masum Mia Assistant Professor and Chairman(Acting)


University of Chittagong

2  Mst. Jannatul   Mawa Assistant Professor


Dept. of  Tourism & Hospitality Management

Faculty of Business Studies

University of Dhaka

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3 Shohel Md. Nafi Lecturer


Dept. of  Tourism & Hospitality Management

Faculty of Business Studies

University of Dhaka

4 Mst. Rinu Fatema Lecturer


Faculty of Business Studies

Begum Rokeya University,Rangpur

5 Md. Jamsedul Islam Lecturer e-mail:

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Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Noakhali Science and Technology University

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