Department of Tourism and Hospitality Management

Academic Profile of Jamsedul Islam

Jamsedul Islam

About Jamsedul Islam

Hi! This is Md. Jamsedul islam. This is all about myself.

  • A desire to share my love of the subject with students
  • An ability to make the material being taught stimulating and interesting
  • A facility for engaging with students at their level of understanding
  • A capacity to explain the material plainly
  • A commitment to making it absolutely clear what has to be understood at what level and why
  • Showing concern and respect for students
  • A commitment to encouraging independence
  • An ability to improvise and adapt to new demands
  • Using teaching methods and academic tasks that require students to learn actively, responsibly and co-operatively
  • Using valid assessment methods
  • A focus on key concepts, and students misunderstandings of them, rather than covering the ground
  • Giving the highest quality feedback on student work
  • A desire to learn from students and other sources about the effects of teaching and how it can be improved.