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Academic Profile of MD. ABDUL KAIUM MASUD



Mr. Masud is adjunct faculty, Inha School of Business and Graduate program of Sustainability Management, Inha University-South Korea. He is also Ph.D. research fellow Sustainability Management Graduate Program, Inha University,  and a researcher of Sustainability Management Research Institute (SMRI). Mr. Masud is also Assistant Professor, Noakhali Science & Technology University, Bangladesh (on leave). Currently, Mr. Masud is working on Sustainability Management emerging issues. If you are interested to work with Mr. Masud feel free to contact or



  1. Masud, M.A.K. Is Islamic Financial Institution Ethical? An Empirical Study of Ethical Disclosure Practices of Bangladeshi Financial Sector (under review).
  2. Masud, M.A.K; Harun, M. & Nurunnabi, M. Does customer loyalty have any relationship with financial performance? The Case of Islamic banks of Bangladesh (under review).
  3. Bae, S; Masud, M.A.K; Harun, M; & Kim, J.D. Determinants of climate financing and the moderating effect of politics: Evidence from Bangladesh. (under review).
  4. Masud, M.A.K; Bae, S; Javier, M; & Kim, J.D. (2019). Board Directors’ Expertise and Corporate Corruption Disclosure: The Moderating Role of Political Connections, Sustainability  (accepted).
  5. Bae, S; Masud, M.A.K & Kim, J.D. Anti-Corruption Disclosure, Corporate Social Expenditure, and Political Corporate Social Responsibility: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh (under review).
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  1. Masud, M.A.K & Kim, J.D. (2019). International Resistance Networks for Anti-Corruption: Multi-Stakeholder Mechanisms. Encyclopedia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions. Springer Nature Publisher (Accepted).



  1. Determinants of Climate Financing and the Moderation Effect of Politics: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh, Conference on Sustainability Management, Inha University-Korea, 22 December 2018.
  2. The Rise and Fall of Climate Financing: Evidence from South Asia; International Conference on Sustainable Built Environment, Kandy-Sri Lanka, 13-15 December 2018 (paper accepted but didn’t participate).
  3. The Effect of Corporate Governance on Environmental Sustainability Reporting Performance: An Analysis on South Asian Countries;  Half Yearly Conference on Climate Change; Organised by Korean Environment Corporation 2017; SNU, Korea, June 13-15. [ Paper presented with Jong Dae Kim and Jiyoung Kim]
  4. Sustainability reporting in Bangladesh: A Study of listed banking companies; International Conference on Business Management, Economics, and Social Sciences - ICBMESS 2016, Uttara University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, December 21-23, [Paper Presented With Hossain, M. S]
  5. CSR and Climate Finance in Bangladesh; International Conference on Climate Change and Industry; 27 November 2016, Songdu-Korea.
  6. Environmental Accounting and Reporting of Listed Banking Companies of Developing Country: Bangladesh Perspective; Half Yearly Conference on Climate Change; Organised by Korean Environment Corporation 2016, Jeju Island, Korea, December 1-3. [ Paper presented with Bae, S; & Kim, J.D]
  7. Green Banking and Reporting of Bangladeshi Commercial Banks: An Observation under Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), 1st Independent Global conference on Business and Economics, Independent University, Bangladesh; May 21, 2016 [Paper Presented With Hossain, M. S]
  8. Climate Change in Bangladesh: An Observation of Banking Sector 3rd National Conference on Natural Science and Technology, Asian University for Women, Bangladesh; poster  presented during April 15-16, 2016
  9. Environmental Accounting Concept and Reporting Practice: Evidence from the Banking Sector of Bangladesh. 1st Dhaka International Business and Social Science Research Conference, Uttara University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 20-21 January 2106, [Paper Presented With Hossain, M. S, and Khan, S]
  10. Assessing the Environmental Accounting Disclosure in Pharmaceutical Companies of Bangladesh. 1st Dhaka International Business and Social Science Research Conference, Uttara University, Dhaka, Bangladesh 20-21 January 2106, [Paper Presented With Hossain, M. S; Rajib, M and Hossain, M. A]


  1. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)” Thinking and Evaluation by Different Levels of Management of Islamic Banks and Traditional Banks: Evidence from Banking Sector of Bangladesh; International Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance, Um Al-Qura University, Makkah-KSA, 5-6 March 2016.
  2. Financial Soundness Measurement of Banking Sector of Bangladesh: an observation of selected banks; International Symposium on Business and Management, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, April 6-8, 2016.


  • Presented in the International Seminar on Environmental Risk and Safety Management Strategy” Inha University, Korea, December 6, 2018, in the topics of “ Determinants of Climate Financing: Empirical Evidence from Bangladesh”
  • Participated in the international conference on “Climate Finance and Industry-2017” under the theme of Climate Technology and GCF Finance Project; 2-3 November 2017, Songdu-Korea.
  • Participated as an observer in the 3rd Annual Ghobesona Conference on Climate Change Research for Bangladesh, IUB, Dhaka-Bangladesh, January 8-11, 2016.
  • Participated in as a Keynote speaker “A Seminar on Advancement of Multidisciplinary Areas ICT and BBA” on 3 July 2014 discussing topics was Corporate Social Responsibility of Private Banks in Bangladesh, Organized by Noakhali Science and Technology University Research Cell.
  • Participated as a keynote speaker in "Summit on Entrepreneurship & Leadership" on 7-8 March 2014, Noakhali, Organized by Dhrubotara Social and Cultural Organization.  
  • Participated in two days "Workshop on Waterfowl Identification" Organized by Bird Club Bangladesh.
  • Participated in different types of the seminar, workshop related to Business and Industry as a speaker as well as listener.
  • Attended in different Traditional and Parliamentary Debate Competitions, Quiz Competitions.


  1. The Effect of Corporate Governance on Economic, social and total sustainability performance in the South Asian Countries. [With Bae, S; & Kim, J.D.]
  2. CSR and Organisational Performance [With Dr. Nurunnabi & Kim, J.D]
  3. Climate Finance and Climate Politics in South Asia [ With Juichiro, S]
  4. Climate Finance and Corporate Governance [With Harun, M]
  5. Organization Sustainable Performance and CSR [With Harun, M & Kim, J.D]
  6. Corruption Disclosure and Corporate Governance [With Hossain, M.S]
  7. CSR and Cost of Debt; Cost of Capital and Financial Performance [With Mizan, R; Tofayel, A; Hossain, M.S & Harun, M]


  • Participated in the APN Proposal Development Training Workshop held in Tokyo, Japan on 12-14 September 2018, Organised by Asia Pacific Network.
  • Participated a training on Green Climate Fund-GCF project finance proposal, 30 June 2017; Songdu-Korea.
  • Completed Three (3) months training on Accounting Software titled in Computerized Accounting Professional Program (CAPP), Organized by jointly department of Accounting and Information Systems, University of Rajshahi and IB Corporation, Dhaka.
  • Completed Three (3) months Internship Program from EXIM Bank Bangladesh Ltd, Uttara Branch-Dhaka.

Experiences and Activities


Adjunct Faculty: Inha Business School and Sustainability Management Graduate Program, Inha University-Korea. From January 01, 2019 to till now.

Researcher: Sustainability Management Research Institute, Inha University, October 2016 to till now.

Assistant Professor: Department of Business Administration, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali-3814, Bangladesh; From March 15, 2014, to August 21, 2016 (on study leave).

Lecturer: Department of Business Administration, Noakhali Science and Technology University, Noakhali-3814, Bangladesh, From March 15, 2012, to March 14, 2014.

Full-Time Faculty Member: Department of Business Administration, IBAIS University, Road No.27, House No. 18, Dhanmondi – Dhaka-1209, Bangladesh

From October 25, 2010, to March 14, 2012. 

Former Adjunct Faculty

Bangladesh University of Textile (Textile Engineering College, Noakhali) from 2012 to 2016.

Institute of Science Trade & Technology (ISTT), Dhaka-1209, from 2010 to 2012.

Daffodil Institute of IT, Kalabagan, Dhaka-1209, from 2011 to 2012.