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Academic Profile of Mohammad Rahanur Alam

Mohammad Rahanur Alam

About Mohammad Rahanur Alam

My area of interest is mainly the relationship between genetic polymorphisms and various metabolic disorders such as obesity, diabetes, etc., as well as health behaviors such as diet preference, physical activity, etc. 


  • Alam MR, Dey M, Islam MK, Reza S, Mamun S, Zaher A. Determination of Iodine Content of Commercially Available Table Salts at the Retailer Level in Selected Areas of Bangladesh. European Journal of Nutrition & Food Safety. 2019:284-8.


  • Alam MR, Habib MA, Chowdhury P, Shill LC, Al Mamun MA. Determination of Ascorbic Acid Concentration in Commercially Available Fruit Drinks in Bangladesh. Asian Food Science Journal. 2019 Dec 21:1-6.


  • Alam MR, Reza S, Kabir MR, Ghosh S, Hossain MS, Huq AO, Bhuyan MA. Prevalence and Association of Different Lifestyle Factors with Overweight and Obesity among the Children of Selected Private English Medium Schools from Dhaka City. World. 2019;7(2):42-7.

Experiences and Activities

Sep 2018- to date:

Lecturer at Dept. of Food Technology and Nutrition Science,

Noakhali Science & Technology University, Noakhali, Bangladesh.

Responsibilities: Teaching various theoretical and practical courses to both undergraduate and graduate students, Supervising master thesis and undergraduate thesis, etc.


May 2018- Sep 2018:

Lecturer at Dept. of Public Health Nutrition,

Primeasia University, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Responsibilities: Teaching various theoretical and practical courses to undergraduate students.


Jan 2018- Mar 2018:

Research Intern at Chair of Food and Bioprocess Engineering,

Technical University of Munich, Germany.

Responsibilities: Analysing the diffusion of micellar bound casein into serum phase of skim milk in dependency of temperature.


Feb 2016- Jun 2017:

Research Assistant at Institute of Diabetes and regeneration,

Helmholtz Zentrum Munich, Germany.

Responsibilities: Testing of cell cultures form pancreatic cell line and immunofluroscence analysis of cell cultures.


Nov 2015- Apr 2016:

Project Assistant at The Early Nutrition eAcademy,

Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Germany

Responsibilities: Content writing for CIH course module: Early nutrition and life in low resource setting