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Academic Profile of Shahriar Md. Arifur Rahman

Shahriar Md. Arifur Rahman

About Shahriar Md. Arifur Rahman

I am an Environmental Science and Climate Change graduate. Before studying MSc, Climate Change at the University of East Anglia in the UK, I have secured my BSc (Hons.) from Institute of Forestry and Environmental Sciences (IFES), University of Chittagong, Bangladesh in 2010 and accomplished MS in 2011. Previously, I was self-employed as a professional Environmental Consultant and EIA Professionals for an environmental service provider firm Sustainable Environmental Services (SES) for a couple of years.

During my student years, I was awarded a number of scholarships and fellowships such as Commonwealth Scholarships in the UK, NSICT fellowship by Ministry of Science & Information and Communication Technology, M. R. Siddiqui Trust Scholarship etc. I was engaged in several extra-curricular activities as well. Back in 2009, I was selected as an International Climate Champion by the British Council. Being a part of that program, I had the opportunity to represent my knowledge, community, and country on several occasions.

Science of Climate change, Climate change policy development and international negotiation, Coastal Geomorphology, Geospatial Analysis and modeling, Organic Carbon Estimation, etc. are the areas of my utmost interest. My love for Geographic Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing (RS) intrigued me educating myself in several geospatial software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, Idrisi, ENVI, Erdas Imagine, Terrset, etc. I have received professional training on several software applications such as R, SPSS, etc.

My aim to be an academic always tempted me to engage with different research groups home and abroad. Until mid-2019, I have supervised 31 Undergraduate and Graduate level students at NSTU.


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Rahman, S. M. A., Tasmin, S., Uddin, M.K., Islam, M.T., Sujauddin, M. 2014. Climate Change Awareness among the High School Students: Case Study from a Climate Vulnerable Country. International Journal for Built Environment and Sustainability. 1(1)/2014, p 18-26.