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Academic system


Academic system

Noakhali Science and Technology University follows a semester system for its four-year undergraduate programme. A student would take 160-172 credit hours. The four-year degree will be completed in eight terms of 22 weeks each. The first 15 weeks will be engaged for lectures, lab or fieldwork with a one-week break in the middle. Weeks 16 and 17 will be used for student's preparatory leave for the examination. Examinations will be held during the next two weeks and the results declared within the remaining three.

Term 1 or January Term will begin on 2 January and end up on 4 June; Term 2 or June Term will run from 5 June to 5 November. The eight-week long vacation will remain effective from 6 November to 1 January when the teachers and students will go on vacation. For a part of the community the first seven weeks of this vacation will be employed to run an intensive Short Term when students will repeat a failed course or take a course anew to keep up with the 162 credit hours. Courses will be run in this term on a demand-and-supply basis. The number of classes per week for a course will be doubled. Exams and results will be completed in the last week. During this long vacation, admission for January Term will be finalized.

A course in a Term will be evaluated for 100 marks per credit hour. The evaluation components will be student attendance, 5%; quiz-assignment, 25%; and the term final 70%. Three to four books will be prescribed as the texts for any course although the teacher will follow one in Toto. The lecture schedule will show the length of materials to be covered in each lecture. A lecture not given due to a valid reason will be given on a weekend day to makeup. A three credit hour course have three lectures, deliberations or lab exercises per week. The duration of a lab period is twice as much of a lecture period and that for a fieldwork is four times as much. Friday and Saturday are the weekly holiday.

A number of subjects were named to be included in the inaugural list. The prominent ones are Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Computer Science & Telecommunication Engineering, Pharmacy, Fisheries and Marine Science, Microbiology, Mathematics, Food Technology and Nutrition Science, Environmental Science and Hazard Studies, English and Bachelor of Business Administration.

NSTU will be a place of equal opportunity for all students. They will choose and participate in activities to develop their cultural abilities and sportive feats. Jobs or studentships like teaching and research assistance or lab demonstration may be available for meritorious students. Initially the university will run a research centre to cover the research facilities for the departments. Adaptive research may be carried out through this centre based on some burning issues related to the coastal system.

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