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Beauty Of NSTU

Noakhali Science and Technology University is a newly established public university in the coastal terrain Noakhali of Bangladesh. The landscape is amazing particularly because of thin population and thin plantation. The area is saline and not fertile. Trees are recent and not as robust as they should be. Tall trees do not mark the horizon. Ponds appear in large numbers, but most of them dry up during summer. Poor harvest and low vegetation is related to non-availability of nutrients in the sandy soil. Low- or high-tech methods, including indigenous measures, may turn these arid fields to rich farmlands. It may be appropriate for this university to watch these on academic foundations.

The site of the university is part of a vast Char that stretches on the south to Char Jabbar, Char Bata, Char Wapda and Char Clark before it reaches the feebly flowing Bhulua River. Like the district itself, Sonapur has a long history of erosion and accretion caused by the mighty Meghna on the west and the Bay of Bengal on the south.

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Noakhali Science And Technology University, Noakhali-3814, Bangladesh