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Abida Sultana

About Abida Sultana

Abida Sultana, Lecturer of Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering Department, is currently on study leave. She is studying for a PhD in University of Sherbrooke , Sherbrooke,Quebec, Canada. She completed her MS & BSc in Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering from NSTU. Before joining as faculty member, she worked as Officer, Quality Control, Renata Limited, Dhaka & Executive,Product Development, Square Toiletries Limited, Dhaka respectively for five years in total.


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A. Sultana, J. Meesungnoen, and J.-P. Jay-Gerin. High-dose-rate effects in the radiolysis of water at elevated temperatures. Can. J. Chem., 2021, 99 (7),594–602.

Experiences and Activities

At present working on Radiation chemistry in Supercritical Water.

  • PhD Student, Faculty of Medicine & Health Science, Department of Nuclear Medicine & Radiobiology, University of Sherbrooke, Canada (May, 2019 to continue)
  • Lecturer, Applied Chemistry & Chemical Engineering, Noakhali Science & Technology University, Noakhali, Bnagladesh. (2018 to continue) 
  • Executive, Product Development Department, Square Toiletries Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (2015-2018)
  • Officer, Analytical Development and Method Validation Department, Renata Limited, Dhaka, Bangladesh. (2014-2015)