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Academic Profile of Shuvendhu Saha

Shuvendhu Saha

About Shuvendhu Saha

  • Very much enthusiastic to learn something new, create something new and always try to teach students in a friendly mood.
  • ভালোবাসি লিখতে, নতুন বই পড়তে, সত্য ও সুন্দরকে জানতে, স্নিগ্ধ নয়নে হাসতে এবং হাসাতে।


1. Shuvendhu Saha & Tithi Debnath; (2019) Usage of Dialect and Code-Mixing in Ausamapta Atmajiboni (The Unfinished Memoirs): A Sociolinguistic Observation, ELK Asia Pacific Journal of Social Science; Vol-6,Issue-1

2.   Shuvendhu Saha and H.M Mostafijur Rahman; (2019) 7th March speech of Bangabandhu Ssheikh Mujibur Rahman, political Poetry : A linguistic Analysis; EPH International Journal of Humainites and Social Science; Vol-4,Issue-4

3.    ভাষা ও সাহিত্যের যুগলবন্দি-চন্দন আনোয়ার এবং শুভেন্দু সাহা

4.    সত্যি হলেও গল্প (সৃজনশীল বই)- শুভেন্দু সাহা

Experiences and Activities

1. Serving as an Assistant Professor of Bangla Department since 20 November 2019.

2. Worked as a Lecturer Of Bangla Department from 20 November 2017 to 19 November 2019.

3. Serving as an Assistant Hall Provost of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib Hall science 11 february 2019.

4. Serving as a Rover scout leader of NSTU ROVER science 01 april 2018.

5. Worked as an Adjunct Faculty at Institution of Modern Language, University of Chittagong from 02 May 2017 to 19 November 2017.