Noakhali Science and Technology University

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Noakhali Science and Technology University (NSTU) is one of the emerging science and technology universities in Bangladesh. NSTU is well known as “Oxford of the Coastal”. In NSTU there is a five storied auditorium named “Bir Muktijuddha Haji Mohammad Idris Auditorim”. Presently there are approximately 1000 seating facilities in the auditorium.

In the auditorium there are facilities of organizing seminars, different National day’s celebration programs, conferences, cultural activities, rag day celebration programs, playing dramas and many more. In addition Now-a-days, some specialized programs like IT fairs, Job fairs are also arranged here in the auditorium.

  • Cultural Programs of different Institutes, departments.
  • Course day celebration programs of different departments.
  • National Day Celebration programs.
  • ICT Job and Other Job fair.
  • Programming Contest Programs.

Contact Address

Bir Muktijuddha Haji Mohammad Idris Auditorim

Noakhali Science and Technology University

Noakhali-3814, Bangladesh.