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Research Cell

Welcome to the Research Cell of NSTU

The Research cell of NSTU is the responsible body to facilitate the research endeavours by the NSTU faculty members. Since the establishment, this unit is continuously making effort to lead the overall research practice towards quality and excellence both at national and international arena.

Message from the Director

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Dr. Newaz Mohammed Bahadur

Director (Additional Charge),Research Cell,NSTU

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Dr. Newaz Mohammed Bahadur

Director (Additional Charge),Research Cell,NSTU


To unleash the research potential of the faculty members while leading NSTU towards excellence in research.


a. To prioritize research practice among the faculty members along with maintaining quality and excellence in teaching learning.
b. To inspire and facilitate all the faculty members of NSTU to initiate timely and quality research practices in their respective fields.
c. To pioneer and drive the research initiatives in a way to respond to the local and national demand; specially in the field of science and technology.
d. To organize and coordinate funding opportunities for the NSTU faculties in collaboration with the University Grant Commission.
e. To increase the research skills, competences and capabilities of the NSTU faculty members and graduate students through regular training, workshops and seminars.
f. To ensure regular dissemination of the research outcomes by initiating conference, symposium and seminars for the NSTU faculties and students.
g. To execute regular monitoring and evaluation of the ongoing research projects by the faculty members.
h. To plan and organize the NSTU journal publication activities while ensuring the quality and standard.
i. To arrange and maintain both hardware and software support for the NSTU faculty members by facilitating their research projects, publications and conference participations.
j. To play significant role in enhancing and sustaining the overall research contribution of the faculty members and NSTU with a special priority to the development goals of Bangladesh.

Sl. No Name Designation Contact Number Email
1 Dr. Newaz Mohammed Bahadur Director (Additional Charge) +88-01790229674 director.researchcell@office.nstu.edu.bd
2 Dr. A. F. M. Shahid-Ud-Daula Assistant Director +8801911711457 shahid@nstu.edu.bd
3 Dr. Md. Mafizul Islam Assistant Director +8801734956003 mafizul77.bge@nstu.edu.bd
4 Dr. Md. Tanvir Hossain Assistant Director +8801725346333 tanvir@nstu.edu.bd
5 Dr. Fataha Nur Robel Assistant Director +8801819457050 fnrobel.acce@nstu.edu.bd
6 Dr. Shyamal Kumar Paul Assistant Director +8801716024079 skumarpaul79@yahoo.com
7 Dr. Md. Abdus Salam Assistant Director +8801917635348 masalam.esdm@nstu.edu.bd
8 Dr. Md. Masud Rahman Assistant Director +8801718504544 dr.masud_bangla@nstu.edu.bd
9 G M Rakibul Islam Assistant Director +8801717892472 gmrakibulislam@nstu.edu.bd
10 Nowreen Yasmin Assistant Director +8801716849305 nowreen@nstu.edu.bd
11 Dr. Md. Abunasar Miah Assistant Director +8801723336562 nasar.bge@nstu.edu.bd
12 Dr. Md. Ziaul Haque Assistant Director +8801913989613 ziaul.mis@nstu.edu.bd

Arranging Seminars/Webinars

The research cell arranges different seminars and webinars with the aim of continuous professional development of the faculty members. It has taken initiative to arrange one session per month on different topic such as Ranking of universities, Advanced Research methodology, Academic paper writing etc.

Fund distribution

The research cell distributes funds to faculty members and MS thesis students through a rigorous evaluation process of the submitted projects each year.

Evaluation and Monitoring

The research cell conducts regular monitoring of the research projects funded by the Research Cell through reporting and department wise supervision.

Software support (Academic Writing and Analysis)

The research cell has taken initiative to provide software support for the faculty members. They have installed Grammarly software to check and improve article manuscripts. In future, the research cell envisions to add other softwares related to data analysis and plagiarism checking.

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The research cell encourages and recognizes the researchers providing with different awards:
(1) Best researcher award.
(2) Most productive researcher award.
(3) Highest publishing scholar award.
(5) Research contribution award.
(6) Publication award.

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1 Research Award 2020 Notice Research Award 2020 Notice

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Contact Information:

Sl. No Name Designation Contact Number
1 Kawser Hamid Chowdhury Computer Operator +8801717494251
2 Samir Chandra Das Office Assistant +8801827339118

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